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The little tricks to experience sex at peak, Unfortunately, long-term couples can creep in a certain routine and not only in the daily but also and especially in the delicate sexual sphere, before deciding to close a door and look for a new let's see what we can do Let's start with a simple and logical presuposto: the count and also a lot of positions . And in this regard, you do not know the reason yet it seems that many women insist in staying in comfortable positions and still is unnatural: yes, of course we are a bit 'masochistic. We should remember that we are free, free to move, if you decide to try a new position also try not to be scared.

For example, while you are sitting at the bedside can try to make him sit in front of you and then, use your creativity and dare! Your final goal is to simultaneously achieve orgasm? Difficult (especially at the beginning of the story) but certainly not impossible, take your time and remember that you are not doing a race.

  But above all: do not pretend! It a fact that men reach the pleasure before us (and sometimes even a little too quickly) generally serve men can control themselves. Otherwise you could try taking yourself all the time necessary to improve the understanding trying to understand the reactions of the other, I suggest Kegel exercises are useful to strengthen the control of sexual intercourse and pelvic muscles. Try not intestardirvi and not to care too statistics that circulate; assessed above your situation. A childless couple have a sexual situation any different than a pair stressed because of work and children who may have put to sleep a few minutes before the next room. Resign ourselves: for men, sex is as a kind of "donation" (a very important donation), something they can not do without. We women love a man when we express ourselves verbally, men, no. Or rather, not always, find it easier to make us understand that keep us making love.  
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